• How are you different from,,, fathom, gong...?
    • As of April 20, 2024: We love meeting tools and utilities, but to us that is a means to an end. We're an end to end program management service. Where transcriptions end, Sachiv begins: We connect events and agenda across your meetings, teams and tools and take actions.

      . In doing so we go far beyond a standalone meeting utility, and provide intelligence across your organization and projects. We inject your company databases (Drive, Notion, JIRA, Workday..) into a RAG (retrieval augmented database) to make our inferences increasingly intelligent over time. We do team-wide rollups, daily recaps and overviews to help with your tasks beyond the meeting.

      Over time, we will support mood and tone detection for best in class response to cultural and personal nuance - like a human program manager, but always in a consent driven and privacy and security sensitive manner. We will also support 2-way communication (the bot will track and nudge agenda, talk to you in meetings) and do a lot of its work, after and around meetings. You can ask it questions about if Joe ever got to finishing that task, or if bug from 3 months ago ever got resolved mid-meeting, so no human has to track these things.

  • Why Program Management? Would you do AI for ... ?
    • We're excited about our mission because project management lends itself really well to automation. We believe humans should remain in control of the critical decision making that encompasses design, engineering and product - we're here to oil the machine and facilitate high quality work, by taking the coordination, knowledge organization and orchestration admin to the background. Having said that - we're excited to see the emergence of automation tools in RevOps (MakerOps, and Engineering ( and so. The world of API orchestration today will very quickly evolve to bot-to-bot communication. However, our mission to be among the best project management brain in the business and kill administrative drudgery would remain.

  • Would you plug into my custom APIs?
    • Absolutely, yes.


  • Is Sachiv always listening? Does it have access to all the documents?
    • Sachiv is a consent driven and customizeable platform. Sachiv always knocks before joining meetings.

      Want it to read all major documents across your organization? It can. Want to share only specific JIRA boards, drive folders, or calendars with it? You absolutely can - just like you would gradually open access to a new project manager onboarding onto the team.

      You may also revoke access to previously shared data.

  • Are you ISO 27001 and/or SOC 2 Compliant?
    • Not yet, but this is on our immediate agenda. We know enterprises require this, and we are seeking our first medium size client (or significant investor cheque, circa April 2024) to support us in this journey.

  • Can I remove my data from Sachiv?
    • Yes. Meeting Recordings are destroyed in 7 days (unless saving for longer is explicitly desired).

      For enterprise clients, we would offer tiers that ensure platform Sachiv never trains on their data - or more specifically - their data never leaves their premises, especially if they do desire that their on-prem deployment of the platform gets smarter on their stack, organization, and culture.

      Now wouldn't that be cool?


  • Are you self-checkout SaaS, Custom SaaS, or On-Premise?
    • We'll support all - but our focus is Custom SaaS and On-Prem. We want to support organizations of 50-100 members or more.

  • When are you going "live"?
    • The youtube demo you see is real. As of April 20, 2024, we have 10+ early stage teams on the platform, enjoying the product for customer discovery and scrum use cases, with gmeet into specific API outputs. We're looking to support all major meeting platforms by Q3 2024.

      However, we are also catching up to our comprehensive integrations and AI roadmap, to ensure we can offer the maximum value possible to you. Refining AI intelligence is a long term roadmap. Your support means a lot. We have a sizeable mission, and our seeking business partners to go the distance together.

      Please join our waitlist and give us some advance business :-). We'll definitely be in touch. Thank you!

  • Why do you cost more than gong, read, etc.?
    • See the first question in the product section. In addition to the pointers there: custom intelligence, longitudinal high-context intelligence, and the ability to "drive" business outcomes - we also support bot-to-meeting text/audio/video outcomes and realtime meeting interventions. Our enterprise accounts are very price competitive - with a window to discuss strategic/business partnerships too.